About Us

Established in 2013, TLM Event is known widely as an event company specialising the organisation and management of festivals and expos in Malaysia. Within the years, we have built a portfolio of extraordinary events, partnerships and project delivery contracts that fit the market needs. The constant growth and development of our company, reflected the our continued commitment towards providing the best services to both businesses and consumers.

  • To work with our clients for their long term benefit.
  • To constantly research and develop new strategies to meet the market needs.
  • To maintain constant competition & engage audiences through every events.
  • Technologies and skills, bullet to provide exceptional services.

We have a unique ability in congregating mass crowd, our creativity and flexibility allows us to reach our ideal audiences effortlessly. With a dedicated and driven team, we have planned, organised and delivered more than 500 events, accumulated over 5 million visitors to said events.

Core Expertise